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Susan Z. Miller
Professional educator, editor and writer

Frequently asked questions
Q: Can you complete just one project for me?
A: Sure! That is the great thing about hiring a freelance professional; you can hire me to complete one project for you, or to work with you on an ongoing basis. 

Q: What are the first steps to get started?
A: Please email me the particulars of your project so that we can begin a dialogue. I will email you a written contract detailing the scope of the work, time table, nondisclosure agreement, compensation and payment method for both of us to review and sign before beginning the project.
If you are seeking an editor for your novel or nonfiction manuscript, please email me a 3-page segment. I will complete a free sample edit for you to review before you make a commitment to the project.

Q: I am going to self-publish my novel. Do I really have to hire multiple editors?
A: Yes! The complete editing process is crucial to presenting your best, polished work. I recommend three different phases of editing, each one equally important, which you can read about here on my menu of services. Some people recommend a fourth level of editing called line editing. 

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: I accept payments through Paypal, personal checks, and money orders. If the time table of your project is longer than one week, I will invoice the total payment amount in halves or thirds. (We will mutually agree on these terms in your contract.) Invoiced payments are due within 30 days.
"The best editor ever. I would shout your praises from the top of the building if only the neighbors would understand. So I’ll do it here. You. Are. The. Best!"
-Tai Jamison, novelist