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Susan Z. Miller
Professional educator, editor and writer

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Content editing (also known as big-picture or developmental editing)-
    Addresses the overall structure and progression of the manuscript. Includes editing for grammar     and mechanics, chapter and character development, clarity of thought, and suitability for the     intended audience. Examines figurative and descriptive language, missing content or     redundancies, and overall style. May include rewriting sections of the story, and/or may suggest     the rearrangement of events to improve the story's flow. Includes a manuscript evaluation, a     typed report that evaluates the story's strengths and weaknesses. 
    Recommended for authors who are serious about publishing and would like help with structure,     flow, pacing and/or character development. 
    After content editing, your manuscript should be sent to a copy editor.
    Rate begins at $14 per 1,000 words.

Copy editing-
    Involves editing for grammar and mechanics, transitions, sentence structure, style, details,     readability, and fluidity. Includes fact checking and spell checking of real places     and events. Recommended for authors if your manuscript has passed the content-editing phase     and is ready for individual sentence-level editing. 
    After copy editing, your manuscript should be sent to a final proofreader.
    Rate begins at $12 per 1,000 words.

    Individual word-level scrutiny of your writing, proofreading is the final level of editing for your     manuscript. It includes editing for typographical errors, repeated or omitted words, grammar     and punctuation, and formatting.
    A manuscript is ready for proofreading only after it has passed the content- and copy-editing     phases.
    Rate begins at $10.50 per 1,000 words.


Resume writing-
    Update, edit and proofread of your professional resume using parallel construction and active     verbs to highlight your skills and experience while minimizing career gaps. Please click here to see      before and after samples of resume revisions.
    Rate begins at $25 per hour.

    Custom-tailored blog entries, to which you retain the copyright, published to your site to your     specifications. Includes all necessary research, links, keywords and images.
    Rate begins at $25 per blog post.

Research, editorial, business, creative and academic writing-
    Please email me for a customized quote according to your specifications, time parameters,     benchmarks and goals.

Available in Wilmington, NC, region

    Private, one-one-one tutoring in the areas of English writing, reading, vocabulary and
    grammar, and SAT critical reading and writing.
    Rate begins at $40 per hour.